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Evolution In Action Structural Foundation Repair Company In Ga and SCContact Evolution In Action Foundation Repair Company In Ga and SC
The average cost of  foundation repair projects was $3,790 in
2012, and the average time of completion was 2-5 days!

Structural Damage Repairs in Georgia & SC

Structural, Termite, and Water Damage Repairs

An Alternative to Larger Over-Priced Structural Damage Repair Company's in Georgia & S.C. Since 1997.

Structural Damage
that affects their load-bearing functions to the extent that the home becomes unsafe, or otherwise unlivable".

Structural Damage Repairs
Structural damage repairs is also a technical term which means "The repair of damage to designated load-bearing portions of the home
which is necessary to restore their load-bearing ability".  

Unlike Renovations or Remodeling
Structural repairs is a construction process to bring your home up to acceptable safety standards. Load-bearing components for the
purpose of defining structural damage are defined as follows: Footings, pier columns and concrete foundation systems; beams; girders;
floor joists, sills, headers, lintels; columns; load-bearing walls & partitions walls; roof framing systems;basement slabs, or any other
parts of the premises that support the weight of the building.

Age, Poor or Out-Dated Design, Termite & Water Damage are common causes of Structural Damage

Structural damage is sometimes caused by poor or under-design of the structure itself. Building codes, materials, and engineering
technology has changed over time. Therefore, some of the structural designs and materials that was used in older homes are no longer
adequate for home building or repairs today. Furniture, appliances, and even the occupants of homes are larger and heavier than they
were in the past. Age, improper spacing of support components, inadequate size or dimension of load carrying supports, or improper
locations of framing members will cause settlement, unevenness, or structural failures. The results of  inadequate architectural design
of a structure is inevitable and sometimes take years to appear.  

Unfortunately, it takes just a short amount of time for something as tiny as a termite or a leak to cause structural damage or ruin your
home. Termites are voracious destroyers of wood because of their ability to digest it. Small water leaks often go undetected and, over
results in the growth of mold and mildew. We recommend fixing these problems as quickly as possible, because mold spores can affect
one's health and well-being.

Call us when you suspect structural issues are occurring in your home, if you see settlement of your ceilings or floors, cracks around
the windows or doors, the telltale signs of the presence of water damage or termite damage. Our professionals will come to you to
provide the crawl space foundation repairs, structural damage repairs, water damage repairs, or termite damage repairs you need to
restore order to your home or office. Once we finish, you'll never be able to tell that there was foundation, structural, water or termite
damage there in the first place.
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